Does thin hair mean balding?

Does thin hair mean balding?

Most of us have a belief in myths. One of them is thin hair means you will go bald. Yes, this is a myth, however, baldness starts with thinning hair but it does not mean that thin hair means you will go bald. There are some popular options of hairstyles for thin hair here. There is a difference between thinning hair and balding. In this article, I am going to tell you everything about this. Let me explain this in short for you.

Reasons for thinning hair

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There are so many things that can affect your hair loss and hair growth. Some of them are listed below

  • If you use heat therapy and color treatments to your hair very often, then it may be a good reason for your hair thinning.
  • If you wear a helmet or caps for a long time, then it may lead to your hairs becoming thin.
  • Harsh chemicals-rich hair products are one of the main causes of thin hair.
  • Excessive stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, regular junk food consumption also causes your hair to fall.
  • Sometimes disturbed hormone levels also can cause your hair to fall.
  • According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), 50 to 100 hair loss in a day is normal, but more than that can be a sign of some problem. You should consult a dermatologist.

Causes of baldness

Below are some of the reasons for baldness

  • The main reason is aging. After a certain age, we all get baldness problems, so if you are that age, do not worry about it. It is normal.
  • If you are having baldness at an early age, then it can be a symptom of some problems. Then you should go and consult your doctor.
  • There is also a proven reason for baldness, which is genetic inheritance. If your parents or among any of them had the same problem, then it can come from them.

So, now you know the reason for thinning hair and baldness both. Baldness somehow starts with thinning hair or the basic symptom of baldness is thin hair. But it is not true that thin hair means you will go bald. Hair thinning is very natural nowadays, so do not worry about it. There are many natural products, hair oils, Masks are available in the market. Consult a good dermatologist and you can use them. If you want to be sure, then go consult your dermatologist. Best of luck from my side.