Simple Ways to French Braid Your Hair

Simple Ways to French Braid Your Hair

A French braid is one of the most famous hair extensions used by women. However, many people are not aware of how to do them properly and they end up frustrated. If you have long hair, you can create a stunning look with a few twists and turns to your existing hair. You can create a simple French braid style even if you don’t have long hair by using a clip-on French braid for hair extensions that can be easily attached at the tips of your hair. You will also need an elastic hair tie or a French braid holder for added stability.

The main purpose of French braid is to provide an extra dimension to your hair. But you can also create a casual yet elegant look when you use this hair accessory. If you already have long hair, you can start braiding it by first wrapping it around one side then wrapping the other side over the first one. When you’re doing the French twist, you should secure the hair extension in place before you secure the end of your hair. It is advisable to make a small knot on the back of your head to ensure that your hair extensions don’t fall out of place. This simple braid will make a beautiful fashion statement when you wear it down.

In case you don’t have long hair, then this one is also suitable for you. It gives you a bouncy appearance. Just like with the French braid for long hair, you need to start by rolling the hair up in a tight spiral. You can then attach hair extensions in the spiral. Once you have made the braid, secure the extension at the roots by placing a clip at the bottom of the spiral.

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Creating Elaborate Hairstyles This hairstyle requires hair extensions that are thick enough to cover the whole of your head. You need to purchase large hair extensions or clips that are wide enough so that they can cover the whole length of your head. To create this hairstyle, wrap the hair extensions completely around your head, starting from the front. Then tie a few hair holders to keep them stuck to your hair as you continue to roll them up.

There are also other simple ways to French braid your own hair. If you want a sophisticated look, then you can opt to add some trendy accessories to it. For example, you can use some trendy clips to hold your hair in place. By styling your hair into a messy bun, you will be able to easily style it into any type of style.