What Face Shapes look better with Bangs?

What Face Shapes look better with Bangs?

When choosing what face shapes look best with bangs, you need to consider a few things. The shape of your face is one of the most important things that will determine how you will wear your hair. Every face shape is different and will lend itself to certain hairstyle choices.

Most women have a round face, but this does not mean that they cannot look good in bangs. Women with this face shape should try to stay away from hairstyles that have long bangs. Instead, they should stick to shorter bobs that will balance out their face. Many different styles will help you achieve this look.

bangsMost women with a heart-shaped face are lucky because this makes them good candidates for any style that will balance out their face. This type of face shape should keep its natural shape and highlight the features of the face. Women with this face shape can wear almost any hairstyle, especially those that will add height to their face. With short bangs, your neck will be the main area where attention must be drawn. To get the best effect, make sure the length is not too short, as this will only draw unnecessary attention to the neck area.

Women with an oval face shape can go for styles that will make their faces appear wider. Wearing hair that is a bit longer will help the appearance of width. Layered hair will also add some width, without adding height or making your face look even thinner. Going for hairstyles that will draw attention to the upper portion of your face will also help you.

Those with a square face are harder to match with hairstyles, but they can still look great with them if they choose the right colors. Long layers that come to the eye level will not only add height and width to the face but will also help to balance out the proportions of the face. When choosing a style, remember that it should not be too choppy as this will only emphasize the sureness of the face. Choose a style that has a roundish shape to balance it out.

There are many other face types and it can be very hard to pinpoint which face shape you have. If you think you have a particular face shape, all you need to do is find a style that will suit your face shape and style. Knowing what face shapes look best with bangs? Try to remember that there are many different shapes of faces and choosing a hairstyle that will compliment your face will help you accentuate certain features while making them less obvious to others.